The Moderator’s Vision for the UDA

“Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” – Psalms 133: 1

Dear Christian Friends,

Please allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Pastor Jimmy L. Williams, Pastor of Woodburn First Baptist Church of Woodburn, Ky.  During this past 134th Annual Session of the Union District Association, I was granted the privilege to serve you as the moderator of the Union District Association and its Auxiliaries.

This privilege is not taken lightly, for that cause, I now wish to address all the Union District concerning the vision that I feel that the Holy Spirit has given me for the Union District and its Auxiliaries, its churches and its people.  Therefore, I now desire your support that we may move forward, where we all may reap the benefits of Christian brotherhood and unity.

The following visions below are only the first steps toward future growth that God has for this district:

  1.  Appoint an exploratory committee of three individuals to search out three (3) parcels of land that the U.D.A may consider purchasing that we may build our very own U.D.A Headquarters.
  2. Appoint an exploratory committee of three individuals to search out three (3) buildings that the U.D.A can purchase and renovate that can adequately meet our needs as a district.
  3. Work to leave a landmark for those who are following us, (our children), so that they may know the history and follow the footsteps of those who have gone before them.

Some may view these visions and objectives as far reaching for the Union District Association, it’s not, if we are willing to put all of our differences aside and look at the greater good for the body of Christ.

Therefore, I solicit your whole-hearted support in all forms financial; comments; suggestions as well as your presence at any and all Executive Board meetings, where you are welcomed, and you have a voice.  The Union District Association business is your business, so please come and see and hear what is going on and what is being said.

It’s not my desire that you serve me, but it is my desire that I serve you and we work together for the District, our youth and our future.  When we unite as one, with one common goal, we give birth to progress.

May God bless one and all.

Moderator, Pastor Jimmy L. Williams  and Staff


Our Mission 

Having been led as we believe, the Union District Association with the aid of the Holy Spirit by God, through His Son Jesus Christ, strive to promote the spiritual growth of its member churches and to reach out to the communities by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people in which we serve.  With the focus on education, outreach and fellowship to all mankind and to become an oasis of hope and a beacon of light to the world in which we live.

March Education Drive

March 24 – 27

State Street Baptist Church
340 State Street
Bowling Green, KY

Ignite Conference 2020

Thursday, March 19 & Friday, March 20
$150 Church Registration Fee

St Stephen Baptist Church
1018 S 15th St
Louisville, KY  40210

Mr. and Miss. Institute

First Baptist Church Woodburn
Mr. Jo’ell Lloyd and Miss Na’Shylin Anderson

Mrs. Barbara Jackson

In honor of the passing of her late husband Rev. Dr. Earl J. Jackson

Mrs. Dee Brown

In honor of the passing of her late husband Pastor Freddie Brown.

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